Looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Japan Karatedo Federation, in coordination with the WKF, has been making every effort for the inclusion of Karate into the Olympics with the support of Nippon Budo-kan, Japan Budo Association, and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Promotion of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, which has been set up with more than 110 members from both Houses of Parliament.

Now we are in the middle of our signature-collecting campaign together with JKF & WKF members and all karate fans.

The inclusion of Karate to the Olympics gives hopes and dreams to everybody in the karate world and also to the next generation.

In order to publicise the overwhelming wave of passionate vocal support for Karate to the Olympics to the world, as well as in Japan, we would like to ask your full support for and cooperation with this online signature-collecting campaign.

Antonio Espinós
WKF President

Takashi Sasagawa
JKF President

Signed Paper Form(PDF)

*Signatures please autograph.
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Online Signature: change.org

公益財団法人 日本アンチ・ドーピング機構(JADA) Global DRO/スポーツファーマシスト JALは全空連のオフィシャルエアラインです。 国内ツアーはこちら JALパックを使ってナショナルチームを応援しよう。 海外ツアーはこちら 最高6億円くじBIGは予想いらずで宝くじのように手軽に買えるくじ。さらにその収益は日本のスポーツ振興のために役立てられます。 私たちはtoto助成を受けています 日本雑貨店