Organizations and Structure

Japan Karatedo Federation(JKF) is composed of regional organization namely Regional Council and Prefectural Federations, Competition Organization consist of Karate federations of junior high school, high school, university, and business group, and Cooperative Associations consist of Ryu-ha groups. JKF unifies domestic Karate as an association of the said organizations.

Prefectural Federations, a part of regional organizations, unify all individual Karateka in each prefecture. Meanwhile they maintain connection directly to Japan Amateur Sports Association through prefectural sports organization (Taiiku Kyogikai). Regional council manages 9 different blocks in Japan.

Competition Organization includes Japan Junior High School Karatedo Federation, All Japan High School Athletic Federation Karatedo department, Japan University Karatedo Federation, and All Japan Business Group Karatedo Federation. These federations are organized by Karate clubs which belong to junior highs schools, high schools, universities, and companies. Ryu-ha groups greatly support and encourage JKF as its cooperative associations.

Finally, Karate has a various kind of styles called Ryu-ha, and respective Ryu-ha exist independently. One aspect of JKF is an association of different Ryu-ha groups.

JKF is supported by the firm organizational form such as cooperative associations with long history and tradition, network based on regions, and wide generations from students to workers.

JKF Organization Chart

Organization Chart