The Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) was organised in 1964, for the purpose of bringing unified order to Karate in Japan. Since then, JKF has established the status of Karate as a national sport by their work such as enrollment in the Japan Sports Association and participation in Japan National Sports Festivals. Also JKF has strived to create an environment for Karate’s development by upgrading the championships system and improving the competition rules among other activities.

Furthermore, JKF continues various kinds of activities in order to promote Karate as a sport contributing to people’s personal development and to society as a whole.


n 1969, the Japan Cup Karatedo, the event which defines the top of Japanese Karate, were held by JKF for the first time. This event has been held in December every year until today.
Nowadays it is widely known as a tournament which determines the strongest Karate competitors of the year, and best athletes all over Japan train hard aiming to participate in the event.
Meanwhile JKF supports a large number of other Karate championships held in Japan.


JKF maintains certification systems such as those for referees, instructors, dan and kyu. They recognise, manage and operate these certifications. Dan grading exams and technical seminars are regularly held by JKF for the development of human resources and the improvement of their Karate techniques.


For competition ability improvement, JKF national team members are selected from promising athletes all over Japan and they join regular training camps.
Japanese representatives for international Karate championships are selected from the national team.


As the representative body of the whole of Japanese Karate, JKF manages domestic Karate organisations and links individual Karateka through membership system.
All members of JKF may join official events and activities in Japan as an athlete or certification holder recognised by JKF.