World Karate Federation General Secretary OfficeNews Letter vol.22

British Olympic Association (BOA) Facility Utilization Signing Ceremony

Attendance at the Signing Ceremony

Representatives from the British Olympic team decided to use the Yokohama City, Kawasaki City, and Keio University sports facilities for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. On February 8th (Monday), the signing ceremony held in Tokyo for the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC), British Olympic Association (BOA), Yokohama City, Kawasaki City, and Keio University was held. The Auditors of the JOC, President of Keio Athletic Association Alumni Club, and I attended.

Also present were Ms. Fumiko Hayashi Mayor of the City of Yokohama and President of Keio University, Mr. Atushi Seike who both attended the September 2015 The 13th Asian Senior Karatedo Championships. Both have a deep knowledge of Japanese martial arts and support the adoption of a Karatedo Olympic event. The Chairman of BOA, Lord Sebastian Coe, (former track and field athlete, Member of IOC Coordination Commission For Tokyo 2020), and special guest British Ambassador to Japan Mr. Tim Hitchens all enjoyed each other’s company.

The Hope of Cultural Exchange Through Sports

As mentioned above, before the curtain rises on the 2020 Olympic Games, The British Olympians will stay in the cities of Yokohama and Kawasaki, and at Keio University. Although the National Sports Festival, All Japan High School Championships, and other venues accepting athletes for training spaces will become very busy, we will not begin to see the effects of these preparations until four years later. This includes not only the economic effects on the area, but also the positive influences of cultural exchange.

Japanese students, especially those who are athletes, will have the unbelievable chance to communicate and intermingle with Olympians. College students will be able to comprehensively study and cheer on the Olympics while the semester is in session. I expect this to be a beneficial opportunity for the globalization of education in Japan.

World Karate Federation General Secretary
Toshihisa Nagura